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An Appeal

Lalaji Memorial Educational Society is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1975. Since 2005, the Society has been running the Lalaji Memorial Omega International School at a campus in Kolapakkam on the outskirts of Chennai. Over this period, the school has grown from humble beginnings to become a large and well established institution. It now has 4500 students on rolls, spread over CBSE and CIS streams, and also has around 300 student boarders. The school offers excellent facilities to students through large classrooms, well equipped laboratories and libraries, and through limiting class strength to 33 in CBSE and 25 in CIS. The school campus being large and spread over 18 acres, students enjoy a large play area.

The school was founded to develop children into excellent human beings for tomorrow's world. This it does through a unique Value Based Spiritual Education program, which is a first of its kind. The school also has a Special Education program for educating children with learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia, as also children from the 10caJ area who lack English language skills.

The school has a well earned reputation for being well run and managed, and for responding to the emerging needs of the students and the local community. The Society has invested in greening the school through the creation of a two million liter rain water harvesting pond, which takes in all the roof runoff water. The society has invested in around 140 kW of solar power through roof top panels. The school has active programs to recycle paper and make compost from waste generated in the campus. The products that are made by our children out of recycled paper manufactured in the school are in great demand in the local area. Recently, the Society has commissioned a sewage treatment plant for the hostel and Admin waste Water, and is in the process of establishing a plant for treating laundry waste water. As a result of all these initiatives, the school has possibly the most environmentally sustainable campus in Chennai.

The Society has also supported the local Government Higher Secondary School at Kolapakkam through building of classrooms and funding various other requirements.

The Society is engaged in further developing its infrastructure to bring the best possible facilities to its students. The Society is now seeking donations from donors who are interested in supporting it in these initiatives. All donations made to the Society are eligible for relief under Section 80-G and also under the Companies Corporate Social Responsibilities provisions.