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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability involves making right choices in our lives - and practicing them - to protect the interests of the natural world, with particular emphasis on preserving the capacity of the environment to support human life.

Over the past two years, Omega School has undertaken initiatives to teach and practice environmental sustainability. These initiatives are made not only out of the sense of responsibility towards the environment, but also to teach the students of the school about emerging environmental realities, thus adhering to the Value Based Spiritual Education  program that the school has incorporated.

Omega is endeavoring to become a "Minimal-Waste" facility. To implement this philosophy several projects have been undertaken: wastesegregation at source, recycling of waste, and a conscious reduction in the usage of conventional energy sources.

With the intention of restoring natural and native habitats in our school grounds, we have taken significant steps in biodiversity conservation.

To expose students to the conservation efforts by the outside world, well- planned guided field trips have been arranged to National Parks and Sanctuaries.

Ongoing projects in Omega include: organic composting, bio-gas plant, paper recycling, solar power projects, and rainwater harvesting.

Around 900 students from Class IV to Class X, from both the CBSE and the Cambridge streams were involved in the implementation of the initiatives. The managing team included environmental sustainability activities within the curriculum without compromising student's academic commitments.


Omega School won the Times of India Environment Education Awareness Program ‘Go Green 2011-12' award.
This award was conferred in recognition of Omega school's efforts towards being a practical adopter of nature conservation, and for reducing the impact on the environment by taking a holistic approach to waste management. Around 60 schools participated from Chennai, among which Omega School was acknowledged as the ‘greenest' school.
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The enthusiasm of the students and continuous management support is enabling us to evolve as a Green (ecologically sensitive) School supported by Green Infrastructure and our premises are becoming a living laboratory for a Green Curriculum, thus through day-to-day practices preparing students for a lifetime of sustainable living.