One more gem added to the crown of omega
Inclusion of play school in the kindergarten wing of LMOIS was ventured on the auspicious Vijayadasami day the 24th of October 2012.

Chairman Mr. P.R. Krishna inaugurated and emeritus Principal Mrs. M.L. Nirmala started "Akshara Abyaasam" for the tiny tots.
We heard the pitter patter of 27 pairs of little feet walking into the classroom with their parents.

The Founder and His Vision
Omega Play School adheres to the vision and mission of Omega School as set by its founder, Pujya Shri Parathasarathi Rajagopalachari.

The play school is situated in the KG block. The KG building has voluntarily been separated this year so as to give a feeling of security to the little ones entering school for the first time. It is a U-shaped building with its own play ground in the middle. Play school consists of 4 sections. The ideal teacher student ratio is 1:25.

 "Play, Laugh, Grow"
The early years are a wonderful time-a special time. It's really only a question of where to begin… and how. We at Omega want our children to be happy, healthy, successful and independent. As the early formative years are very very crucial and impressionable.

Learning does not begin when a child walks through a class room door. The early years, then are vitally important as the young child is learning to learn. It's important to turn everyday interactions into learning adventures that the child will enjoy.
The goal is not to speed up development, but to ensure that each child has the best possible opportunity to learn and grow at each level of development.

Opening the door to learning
It is a time that invites the sharing of meaningful experiences in a warm, supportive environment and exciting learning experience that is to come.

Curriculum for Play School
Theme time
Music and movement
Story telling
Exceptional play way learning through the ELPS way.(Experiences+Lang+Pic+Symbols)
Simple exercises/outdoor activities to enhance all round physical and mental development.

Working hours: 9.30am – 12.30pm (Monday through Friday)
Admission age criteria: The child must be 2yrs old as on Vijayadhasami.
Casuals (no uniform).
There is no facility of school transport.
Day care facility is not available after Play School hours.

For admission and other details please contact KG Office:
Phone number: 044-66241103

"Home is the first school,
School is a second home"
Omega loves children