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Omega emphasizes on holistic education to address the whole personality of each student and develop his/her talent through a multitude of activities and clubs.  These activities encourage the students to reflect and act upon global issues at a local level or within an international frame.  


International Award for Young People


International Award for Young People (IAYP-formerly the Duke of Edinburgh Award)is a self development programme for students and adults in the age group (13 ½ to 25years) that focuses on various aspects of personal advancement such as:

  • Service to community
  • Personal skill development
  • Physical recreation and
  • Adventure activities or Expeditions

The programme is offered in three levels (bronze, silver and gold) involving increasing degrees of commitment on the part of the students.  The involvement of students in such activities is outside their school curriculum at their leisure time. In addition, the gold level aspirants need to carry out a residential project. We have enrolled LMOIS for the same in 2010, and are currently inducting students from class IX into the Bronze award programme. Our focus will primarily fall on service, team building and leadership skills training. Being a non-competitive programme of voluntary activities the IAYP programme at LMOIS will also endeavour to encourage in young adolescents' individual discovery and growth, self-sufficiency and independence, perseverance and accountability to themselves and the school community.   We expect to enrol around 50 students to start with and would extend the enrolment to class X and XI students for the Silver award programme next year.

Global School Partnership Programme (GSP)


The Global School Partnership Programme can be an on-going relationship between two or more schools in different parts of the world, established to deliver mutually agreed learning objectives.

Global school partnerships are a powerful and exciting way of bringing a global dimension into the lives of young people and their teachers. DFID (Department for International Development, UK)  Global School Partnerships (GSP) aims to raise young people's awareness of global development issues and equip them with the skills and knowledge to become active global citizens.

Teaching about global issues enables young people to:

  • appreciate similarities between people around the world
  • examine their values and attitudes
  • understand interdependence
  • develop the skills to combat prejudice, xenophobia and discrimination
  • develop a better understanding of the world they live in
  • play an active role as global citizens
  • encourage understanding and friendship between them

The programme supports partnerships between schools in the UK and schools in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Our partnership focuses on understanding and respecting differences across global communities and relating these to our common humanity. We aim to explore, demonstrate, and share instances of diversity between partnering schools, between staff and parent community, and fundamentally between students. It is hoped that a wide range of subjects across partnering schools will deliver aspects of diversity in their lessons and so develop a deeper understanding of different cultures and societies between partnering schools.

The partnerships will focus on  a) an exchange of information on values education; b) social education – human rights and peace c)adolescent educational concerns; d) teacher development (to include the comparison and integration of teaching methods with focus on language, mathematics and sciences effective use of ICT in the classroom, and understanding differences in professional demands).

Virtual global networks


We are registered on Global Gateway and are linked to other global communities through  Our school was recognized as School of the Month (August 2010) for their work on "Blood Diamonds" – outlining the plight of diamond mining workers in Sierra Leone.   We have located partner schools from Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Singapore and UK.  We are currently drafting a proposal for DFID (Department for International Development, UK) grants for exchange visits of teachers.