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January 2014

Posted on 13/1/14

150th birth year of Swami Vivekananda

People in India and across the world are celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

As part of such celebration, Sri Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai started a Ratha Yatra of Vivekananda.

It started from Coimbatore and travelled many thousand kilometers before reaching Porur.

Our school children along with other nearby school children were invited to welcome the Ratham on 7th Jan 2014. We welcomed with our NCC band, one of our student enthralled public with his Silumbum, Hand written posters made by our children with Vivekananda's quotations were held high, one of our student read Quotations of Swami Vivekananda in public addressing system in Porur,Chennai.

The day will remain etched in the memories of those students who participated in this historical moment.



Design for Change 2013 India: Special acknowledgment for Omega

Omega school's entry for Design for Change School Challenge 2013 has been listed among the 200 most inspiring stories from India. Our story was about avoiding use of plastics in the campus.


The video from Omega students is best viewed  at


The article about the effort made at Omega can be read at

Our Management has conveyed their deep appreciation for the recognition.
Let us join hands and work as a community to make Omega a plastic free zone!

Invitation for the Valedictory function of CBSE Cluster V Athletic Meet for boys.

We would love to have your presence for the the same.

Valedictory function - at 4:00 pm on 12/11/2013

Please click here to view the Invitation.


Inaugural Ceremony - at 8:00 am on 11/11/2013

Please click here to view the Invitation.


CBSE CLUSTER V ATHLETIC MEET FOR BOYS, 2013-14  (Nov 11 th & 12)
Posted on 23/09/13

LMOIS is hosting the Annual CBSE cluster V boys' sports meet. This meet will be conducted at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Chennai on November 11th and 12th. More than 100 schools from Tamilnadu and Pondicherry are expected to participate.

To download the pdf version of the "General Instructions" (Guidelines along with Rules & Regulations and the details of the entry form) for CBSE Cluster V Athletic Meet, 2013-14. click here General Instructions  2013.

Basket ball tournament held in R.M.K. School.
Posted on 21/09/13

Last week omega school participated in the  basket ball tournament held in R.M.K. School.
Girls team  was the winner and boys team was the runner-up.
S. Vigneesh of 12th std and  Bhavana Bhavani Shankar of 11 th std were the players of the tournament

Cricket tournament held in Omega school

Lalaji Memorial invitation cricket tournament for boys was held between 29.07.2013 to 03.08.2013
Omega school was runner-up in cricket tournament.

 TOURNAMENT REPORT (2nd Omega Interschool Football Tournament)

Lalaji Memorial Omega Interational School Team conducted its 2nd Omega Interschool Football Tournament on the 29th and 30th of August 2013. 16 Schools actively participated in this 2-day tournament. The 10 under-18 boys teams were :
1.Lalaji Memorial Omega Interational School Team A
2.Lalaji Memorial Omega Interational School Team B
5.Vellamal Matriculation
6.Crescent Matriculation
7.Lady Andal
9.PSBB Millennium
10.PSBB KK Nagar.

After rounds of knockout matches, LMOIS A and Crescent Matriculation played the first semi-final where in LMOIS A stormed into the finals.Vellamal Matriculation played against Lady Andal in the 2nd semi-final which resulted in the Victory of Vellamal Matriculation. And the final between LMOIS A and Vellamal Matriculation was won by LMOIS A.
The 6 under-18 girls teams were:
1. Lalaji Memorial Omega Interational School Team
2. PS Senior
3. Monahar
4. St.Baynes
5. Lady Andal
6. BhavansRajajiVidhyashram.

After rounds of knockout matches, BhavansRajajiVidhyashram and PS Senior played the first semi-final where in PS Senior stormed into the finals. Lalaji Memorial Omega Interational School Team played against Lady Andal in the 2nd semi-final which resulted in the Victory of Lalaji Memorial Omega Interational School Team. And the final between LMOIS and PS Senior resulted with the victory of LMOIS.

This tournament was not just a lot of learning and fun but was and will continue to be  a platform for many young, aspiring,talent football stars. We hope to continue the tradition and in bringing out the best of us.

Under 14 boys ( friends trophy)was held in Nallei Naddar School. Omega School was runner-up.


CBSE - 8th Annual day celebrations
Posted on 05/07/13

 Classes 6 to 7 On Friday, 5th July 2013 from 4:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m at the school premises.
Please click here to view the Invitation.

 Classes 8 to 12 On Saturday, 6th July 2013 from 4:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m at the school premises.
Please click here to view the Invitation.


CBSE - Class X and XII results - 2013.
Posted on 28/05/13

To staff and students of class XII and class X
 CBSE – 2012-2013
For achieving 100 % success in their examinations.


Highlights -  CBSE XII results

Total candidates – 88
Passed with distinction: 67 of whom 19 secured 90 % and above.
All 88 candidates secured first class.

School toppers

Name Stream Percentage Topper
Kousik.S. (S1) 96.6% 1
Karan D Silva (S1) 96.4% 2
R.Arun (S1) 96% 3
Avni Agrawal (C1) 95.4% 1
G.Bhavika (H1) 91.6% 1

Highlights - CBSE X results

Total candidates – 136
Passed with distinction – 120 (of whom 21 scored 10.0)
Pass percentage – 100 %


World Earth Day, 2013
Posted on 23/04/13

Can humankind survive on a planet with ever-decreasing resources?
The Forest is the most precious resource on Earth.
We at Omega school believe that resources we take from forests such as paper have a huge impact on the environment if we continue obtaining it from trees.
Our school has a paper recycling plant to recycle paper. Omega students of Cambridge stream as well as students of CBSE Class 7th and 8th and a few students of CBSE Class XI have the initiative to make useful recycled products such as paper bags, files,folders, booklets and bookmarks from recycled waste paper.
This is the first major recycling initiative at Omega and we dedicate this to the World Earth Day, 2013.
We invite the management, teachers, students and all staff to come view the products and go forward to participate in initiatives to create and use recycled products at Omega.
Thank you.

Click here to read the article in City Express dtd 23/4/13 about Omega school's recycling initiatives

Posted on 23/03/13

Parents invited to the art and craft fair/exhibition that will take place on Tuesday 26th of March in the school premises.
Please click here to view the Invitation.

Posted on 24/12/12

Omega school celebrated Christmas with varied events and interactions. The joy and spirit of Christmas echoed in the school with skits dances and songs from KG to class 12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Posted on 4/11/12

Omega School is the proud winner
The Times of India Environment Education Awareness Program.
 ‘Go Green 2011-12' award.

The program is meant to promote nature conservation through the fraternity of students.  Around 60 schools participated in the competition. There were two parts to it:

One part of program was RECOGNITION OF GO GREEN INITIATIVES DONE BY THE TIMES NIE MEMBER schools in the year 2011-12.
Towards this, we had shared a write up of the environmental sustainability initiatives supported by Omega School with photographs of students executing our programs.
Omega has secured the first prize in this event and is recognised as the ‘greenest' school in Chennai!
Congratulations to the management of the school that has been keen to develop a campus full of green initiatives since the opening of Omega school. Congratulations to the students for their extensive participation in making Omega ‘Green" and particularly Mrs Chitra Rajan whose leadership and passion have made this achievement possible.
The handsome trophy awarded to our school is on display at the Correspondent's room.
The competition results have been featured in the Students Edition of the Times of India newspaper on Monday 5th Nov 2012.

  Omega students also participated in the ‘Eco Walk' competition based on the theme ‘Recycle, Reuse, Renew'.
Two of our students Veena Mishra of Class XI C and Aditi Aurora of Class XI A participated in a modelling ‘Eco Walk' competition. One of them donned a costume and accessories made of recycled paper, newspaper and natural materials. The other student explained how the costume and accessories were created using materials from school and our efforts in Waste Management. The students were accompanied by science teacher, Mr Murugesh. Despite short notice they brought out their creativity, design and communication skills in this event.