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Management Team

Shri. S. Ramakrishnan

What is Master’s vision?
Babuji had said in his first message: “It is thus for the spiritual regeneration of mankind and for the emancipation of the pining souls, that the great Master came down to help the masses on the Divine Path…and to awaken the sleeping masses to Divine Consciousness”
(My Master’s Mission – Complete Works of Ram Chandra-Volume Two).

Chariji was also inspired with the same vision and when the opportunity came in the year 2004 to set up a school, he used the Value Based Spiritual Education (VBSE ) plank to integrate the VBSE with the proposed new school’s curriculum. This way children develop on the right lines with spiritual approaches, taking the parents along, using the Sahaj Marg (Heartfulness) system. The name of the school as originally given was “Lalaji Memorial Omega School” (the name “International” having been interposed later on) named after the Great Master Lalaji who was a strict disciplinarian, while being full of love for the fellow beings. Naturally, during his several visits to the school, Master Chariji would invariably mention to the teachers and staff that the children should be imparted with discipline along with love. One of the exhortations of Lalaji was, “God has hidden himself inside you and exposed you; now, hide yourself and expose God!” The teachers were carefully chosen by the Master himself in the initial stages as also the administrators. Hence, the teachers and staff were extremely committed and followed the Master?s teachings with sincerity and humility. Even now, the recruitment of the teachers and staff is done in a methodical way in the school so that the right person gets the right job.

Master came to the school personally in early Dec 2006 when I was appointed as the Correspondent. During the various ups and downs at the school, Shri. Chariji’s guidance was constant. On one occasion, when I needed to desperately contact him for a decision, suddenly I received a call on my mobile and there was his voice asking me, “What is the problem?” I felt so grateful and, of course, the problem was solved! He used to constantly encourage everyone to keep his/her efforts going and the results would take care of themselves.

Due to the blessings of the Masters, the school has grown phenomenally in all areas including sports and games, art and craft, music and dance etc, in spite of the various man-made and natural calamities. This growth is sure to continue in future too in accordance with the Divine Will. May their blessings be ever with the students, teachers and staff of the school for many more years to come!