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Pranav Karthikeyan

Pranav is an exuberant learner with a steadfast yet binding passion for public speaking. With the experience of over twenty MUNs under his belt, Pranav has continued to demonstrate an exceptional devotion towards diplomacy that has molded his personality and shaped the folds of his carefully crafted leadership. His unwavering support for student-led conflict resolutions is further fuelled by the way he perceives the modern youth of today to be critical pillars, needed in cementing a future built on success. Furthermore, his participation in youth exchange programs in Malaysia and Singapore has broadened his understanding of the world at large and has provided him with the necessary skill set needed to assess a situation from a pragmatic and global viewpoint. Pranav’s understanding of the penultimate world of diplomacy coupled with his appreciation of culture and heritage certainly establishes him as a true global delegate, right from the heart.



Shwetha Gayathri Iyer

An effervescent personality who loves to speak, sing and chat with friends, Swetha enjoys being with people as a Carnatic music learner Swetha for the last 10 years and enjoys all kinds of music and participates in many interschool and intraschool events and competitions. Her achievements in mass communication, journalism, and media studies have always given her a reason to be proud of herself. Swetha enjoys deep research about diverse countries and discussing international issues, and has participated in many MUNs. She has also received numerous awards in these. She also recently trained a team of young and fledgling MUN enthusiasts at her school.

As the Director General of Hearts MUN, Swetha is hoping to provide you with an exceptional environment for a great MUN experience, which will help you learn diplomacy skills and the powerful art of negotiation. Hoping to see you all soon!



Adhvay Gowthaman

“That is future me’s problem” is Adhvay’s motto for life. Eager to learn about microbiology and marine life, you might take him to be an odd one in the MUN circle, but his unwavering determination to take part in MUNs combined with his debating love and his expertise in Indian politics makes him a well-rounded MUNer. He chases adrenaline  whenever he’s not buried in a newspaper or drowning in a documentary about eels. His craftsmanship on a race track both in real life and in simulators could leave you in awe, and when he’s not doing that, you could find him on turf, chasing after a goal with a hockey stick in hand.

His zest to make sure that MUNs have the same effect on others as it did on him is the reason that he dons the role of Chief of Staff for HeartsMUN. Adhvay promises that HeartsMUN will be an MUN that you will not forget in a long time to come, for all the right reasons.



Swatika Sivramasubramaniam

Swatika, a student of IBY1 joined Omega in 2021 and has evolved into an expressive speaker and astute team player since then. Maintaining a careful balance between academics and extracurriculars, she is also the Kashyapa Kutumba captain. A strong believer in beauty in everything, be it living or non-living things, Swatika believes that our prejudices are often the reason why the world is divided by colour, race, and beliefs. She sees MUNs as a platform to speak up for the issues she believes the world is tangled in and also sees these discussions as a chance for students to challenge themselves, develop public speaking skills, find logical solutions, and ultimately evolve into confident leaders of the future. Her artistic inclinations drive her to explore beauty in various art forms. A nuanced Bharatanatyam dancer, she hopes to keep the Indian tradition alive through this medium. This beautiful amalgamation of diverse interests and accomplishments steers Swatika on her journey of self-discovery. As she finds her voice to better express, experience, and enhance the beauty of the world we live in, she sees HeartsMUN as a great opportunity to make a difference. Immensely grateful to be part of this meaningful cause, Swatika hopes to make your HeartsMUN experience one a meaningful one.