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In today’s world it is becoming increasingly difficult to give children a chance to explore their natural environment and develop resonance with it. Diverse external stimulations and multiple distractions take them further and further away from their internal source of sensitivity and observation. There is, thus, an increasing need to instill a sense of confidence and harmony in oneself to effectively face the challenges of the complex environment around. The Brighter Minds program aims to inspire and equip every child with tools and methods to enhance cognitive functioning, for achieving personal excellence, and to instill confidence in oneself. The Brighter Minds program is designed to help children strengthen their innate sense of observation and cognition by achieving a connection between the two hemispheres of the brain.

This is a paid program that is offered specially for the Omega students of grades 4 – 7 as an after-school-hours program. The details of the program were presented to all parents in this webinar (AddLinkHereWhenReady). Please fill this registration form here below along with the payment and your ward will be included into the earliest available batch of the Brighter Minds Program. You may contact us at bm@omegaschools.org for more details.