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Student Life

The food at Omega prides itself in being prepared with utmost care, love, imagination and innovation, where meals and snacks are thoughtfully put together by our Head Chef who has over 30 years of experience in Food Production. The Canteen and food dispensed at Omega is one of the exciting aspects of student life while on campus!


Food at Omega is balanced, healthy, nutritious and exciting with the use of fresh and seasonal produce, filtered oil for cooking, whole grains, rich with its use of healthy fats like ghee and butter. Further care is taken to ensure that all perishables are handled safely and are cooked only with RO water in Stainless steel cookware. To minimise human contact, high end machines including a Vegetable Scraper Machine, Pulverizer and an Automated Chappathi maker are employed. While the food cooked in our expansive kitchens rely on steam cooking, all dishes are made from scratch and are devoid of readymade masalas, preservatives and trans-fat.


The Bakery section at the Kitchen regularly doles out healthy treats in the form of Croissants, Cookies, Sandwiches, Cakes, Doughnuts and Pizzas using olive oil, cheese, herbs, millets, dates and jaggery from our Rotary Ovens and Wood Fire Oven. In continuing with our initiative to instil healthy eating habits and awareness among children, the Omega Canteen does not stock aerated beverages and packaged fried food. Instead, a gamut of exciting options are available apart from our freshly baked goodies and include flavoured milk (Aavin & Heritage brands), Ice creams (Quality walls & Aavin brands), Chocolates (Cadbury and Nestle brands) and hot food during breakfast – Idly, Urad dal Vada and Dosa.


Keeping to Omega’s sustainable theme, no ingredient is frozen to increase shelf life and food is consumed on the same day of preparation. At the end of the day any food wasted goes directly to our Food Composter that converts to manure for our green campus.


The lunch menu is a balanced meal of :

  • Carbohydrates – through whole wheat chappathi and rice

  • Protein – through a wide range of lentils, pulses and legumes.

  • Fibre – through fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables

  • Fat – through the use of healthy fats like ghee, cheese and butter

  • Vitamins and Minerals – available through dairy products (curd, paneer), nuts and seeds, jaggery.

Snack options include :

  • Fresh fruit

  • Steam cooked Sundal preparations

  • Indian traditional fried food – rice murrukku, navaratna mixture, plantain chips and vegetable samosa (that are consciously packaged in butter paper rather than in newspaper or plastic).

  • Fresh baked snacks – tea cakes, muffins, cookies and brownies.

The Student Menu Committee reviews the menu each week and offer suggestions to our Head Chef. As part of the Life Skills Activities program – a co curricular program at Omega, students are encouraged to visit the Food Store to audit the quality of products used, storage and more.
Fresh food from the Omega kitchen is carried by support staff for the students on all their field trips. Food is packed in safe steel carriers and served in regular steel cutlery and crockery. Kitchen food handlers are all well groomed and dressed in appropriate gear to ensure and demonstrate safe food practices.