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Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, established in 2005 is a leading independent school in Chennai, that offers a range of national and international curricula, to meet the educational needs of students in the 21st century. Set in a serene and green campus that is spread over 22 acres, the school is located away from the Central Business District in Chennai, and has an enrolment of 5000 students from different countries.

Curricula offered at the school are:

Our outstanding record of achievements highlight the innovative pedagogical and experiential learning approach, which complements the extensive range of co-curricular activities. We are governed by our principles to champion education, not only through books and subjects but also by inculcating values and life skills. Our Value Based Spiritual Education and the Life Skills Activities programmes are, together, the foundation on which the children’s education is built. A holistic approach to the learning process is evident through our highly dedicated team of competent facilitators, who generously use contemporary technology wherever needed.