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What are the Choices for International Curricula at LMOIS?


LMOIS offers Primary & Lower Secondary Checkpoint, IGCSE, AS & A levels under CAIE curriculum. We believe in providing high quality, outstanding, value-based education in a learning environment that supports and nurtures the student, yet challenges conventional thinking and promotes creativity and independent thought. Our vision is to raise students with a holistic outlook, of sound ethics, humane spirit, as well as the practical skills to live life to the fullest.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Kalpana Sharma
Vice Principal, CIS/IB
Phone number: +91 97908 07182
Email: kalpanas@omegaschools.org


IB Diploma Programme is designed as an academically challenging and balanced programme of education, for students aged 16 to 19, which prepare them for success at university and life beyond. The programme aims to develop students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge – students who flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically. It has six subject groups and the DP core, comprising theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, service (CAS) and the extended essay.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. P.A.Srinivasan
IBDP Coordinator
Phone number: +91 94437 77230
Email: srinivasanpa@omegaschools.org

Why Choose International Curricula at LMOIS?

Omega is the ultimate choice for CAIE and IBDP curricula with its sprawling, self-sustained,
green campus and world-class facilities for learners’ extensive research and study.

Omega provides experiential learning through qualified and certified faculty members trained in international curricula
which enriches students’ knowledge and challenges their perspectives on learning and beyond.

Omega offers a vast variety of subject choices to cater to any professional aspiration as well as personal choices.
Learning complements with activities to demonstrate exising skills and develop and enrich new skill-sets.

To increase students’ awareness of opportunities outside India, the school organizes several campus visits by reputed universities and colleges.
Students have benefited from one-on-one interactions with counsellors from different Foreign and Indian Universities.

Where do Students get Placements after LMOIS?

At Omega, we are positioning ourselves for growth, innovation, and inclusion. The traditional system of rote learning is not conducive for the modern world where the right set of skills are essential for employability and research. We believe ourselves to be a progressive school that promotes new and innovative ideas. Our motto at Omega is School ⮞ College ⮞ Career ⮞ Life and our work takes all our children through this entire journey towards self-development and excellence. Over the years, our students have been consistently accepted by top universities in India and abroad. The following is a list of such institutions: