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Student Life

The Health Rooms within the campus have been set up to provide first medical opinion, first-aid and simple medical care to all the students of Lalaji Memorial Omega International School. There are two Health Rooms in the campus; while one Health room caters to the exclusive needs of the Boarders, the other cares for the Day Scholars. It should be borne in mind that the Health Room staff and the treatments given cannot replace those given in a regular hospital.

The Department of Health Care is handled by Dr.C.Manimekalai, MBBS, DGO and  Dr. Jeya Josephine MBBS, DCH. The doctors are supported by qualified Staff Nurses along with caretakers.

The Health Rooms are equipped to care for students towards:

  • First aid care for all major and minor injuries. While immediate attention is provided, students with major injuries are further advised to seek additional medical support in consultation with their parents / guardians.

  • Students with Fever are treated with appropriate medication. Students with high grade fever are sent home with their parents.

  • Other aliments like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, stomach ache, giddiness, toothache, etc are given primary treatment. If problem persists they are sent home.

  • Hostel children have access to round the clock medical care and support in the Boarders Health Room. As per necessity, a Specialist’s opinion is sought and treatment is administered accordingly.

  • Annual health check up is administered for all children and members of staff.

  • Adequate numbers of beds are available at the Health Room for the students to rest.