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Omega seeks to give its students the opportunities to learn to progress in a changing environment, with the needed expertise, resources and information and asks of them to heartily use these “powers” to be of benefit to self and the society. We strive to bring about this sense of balance in students, to help them apply what they learn with humility and wisdom, so that the end result will be harmonious and productive.

In our endeavour to make students of Omega responsible citizens of the world, social initiatives and community programs are an integral part of their life on campus. While avenues are identified, it is with great pride to realise that all our community programs have been student driven initiatives. From the “Rally against Bhogi” to the recent collection of relief supplies for those affected in the Kerala floods, the students’ united front stands tall.

Omega International School has been awarded custodianship of the adjoining Adyar Link Canal to convert the derelict canal to a sustainable eco system. Omega students have undertaken activities to ensure the same – cleaning, plantation drives, introduction of several species of flora and fauna. We also have an apiary program with ten hives placed along the banks of the canal.

A govt school in a village at Tiruvallur District regularly donates 1000 clay pots to Omega. Their objective is to encourage city dwelling students to save money from a young age. Omega students of Grades I to VIII contribute their savings towards fulfilling the educational needs of the students. Materials like smart-boards, sports equipment, stationery and library books worth over a lakh rupees were handed over to Bommarajupet Government School in the last academic year 2017-18.

“Daan Utsav” – students of Grade VII collected and donated clothes, stationery and toiletries to children at Sevalaya – a school for the underprivileged. Students got together to spend time talking and even participated in a cultural program.

For the benefit of the community that the school is a part of, Omega has within its campus two rainwater harvesting ponds to harvest over 3 million litres of rain water. This also helps to maintain a very healthy water table at less than 15 feet.

Omega has adopted a series of green initiatives at campus – from waste and water management to biodiversity conservation. More information about our commitment is available under the tab ‘Green Campus’ on the website.

Omega Teachers took part in a group meditation session and exchanged ideas in an interactive session on work – life balance and positive thinking as part of Peace Day celebration.

Indian traditional festivals are celebrated with great gusto with residents of Saranalaya Childrens Home and Faith Home.

Students organized and participated in a ‘Peace Rally” around the school community to spread awareness on Peace & Harmony through placards, banners, posters and street plays.

Students exchanged ‘peace cranes’ with students of the same age group from across countries, to spread the message of peace & harmony in the world.

To facilitate English learning for the students of Siragu – a foundation for street children, sessions were held by Omega volunteers through Dramatics and Science experiments.

Students addressed the children from the neighbouring Gerugumbakkam Government School about Dengue – awareness, precaution and more. Students also initiated a fundraiser to procure Dengue kits (mosquito nets, medicines, etc) for underprivileged children.

Exhibiting their social responsibility to think global and act local, students took up an initiative to plant trees at the neighbouring Kovur Government School and at the Hope School for the Mentally Challenged.

As part of our International School Award project, students of Grade VI learnt the Indian National Anthem in sign language and taught the same to the students of MGR School for the Deaf.

A medicine donation drive was undertaken for residents of NGO – Little Drops.

“Run a restaurant for a day” – where students served food to parents during a Parent-Teacher Meet at the campus. Proceeds were used to purchase bedding for residents of an old age home.

Apart from centre visits, Omega students regularly invite students from The Indian Association for the Blind to set up stall at Omega campus for sale of their bakery products.

Omega students perform a drama on Harishchandra for students of Grade VI at Sevalaya Kausava Village to assist them to conceptualise the abstract, i.e., truth and wisdom, through drama.

The Omega Giveaway Campaign is a club with an objective to collect contributions and donate it for a cause. Information on the Club’s objectives and its activities are listed under Clubs of Omega.

Students researched on the benefits of organic, herbal and medicinal plants at a Nursery in the Shri Ram Chandra Mission Ashram, Chennai. The students then invested money to purchase plants and sold to parents during Parent-Teachers Meet. The proceeds were donated to NGO – Little Drops, an old age destitute home.

“Connecting Within” is an initiative involving meditation and relaxation, conducted for adults and children during visits to Old Age Homes and Orphanages. Through this program, individuals are able to inculcate a positive attitude towards self realization, reflection and self esteem.

Students took up an initiative to spread awareness among fellow students, teachers and parents on the benefits of blood donation, through talks, pamphlets, plays and more.

Students “Rally against Bhogi” to spread awareness on Climate Change.

Displays via banners, posters and play performances were undertaken to create awareness about Human Rights to students of the neighbouring Government School.

Students contribute and collect relief materials to be sent to those affected in the Kerala floods of Aug 2018.

The neighbouring Kolapakkam Government School has been adopted by Omega to provide better infrastructure and facilities to its students. Construction of six classrooms with essential classroom fixtures were sponsored from Omega. Sports attire, water bottles, dictionaries and a year’s worth of stationery has also been donated thus far. Students from this Government school also visit on occasions Omega’s ATL Lab at the campus and are introduced to science and tinkering elements.