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At Omega, we believe that sports and games should form an integral part of the overall development of the child. The goal of the sports program is to give children with innate sports talent a chance to showcase that talent, and to play at the level of their potential.

To this end, the Omega Sports Academy has been created to help students excel in sports while maintaining a healthy balance in their academic pursuits.

Through the Omega Sports Academy program, students train under qualified and professionally certified coaches and athletes. Specialized coaching in various sports is also made  possible through our collaborations with the best names and brands in each discipline, all of whom bring with them a wealth of experience, skill and expertise to provide students with the best coaching experience.

The Omega Sports Academy is also able to provide match level experience for students to excel in their chosen discipline through our ownership of league clubs at the district level in both cricket and football. With a full fledged professional Gym and a medical centre on campus staffed with Doctors on call, the Omega Sports Academy is designed to cater to students’ sporting requisites and aspirations at all stages.

The various sports for which coaching is offered, and the respective collaborations are as below:


Shri. Aravind Sankaran is former Cricketer who represented Tamilnadu in the Junior State Categories, Madras University and TNCA First (Premier) Division.

He is a Level 1 ICC Certified Cricket Coach and has extensive experience in grass root sports program implementation.

He also comes with a rich corporate background, over 20 years of experience across IT&Telecommunications sector with renowned organizations like TATA, Reliance, etc.