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Management Team

Dr. S. Bhavanishankar

Director - Strategy, Research and Innovation

Omega seeks to give its students the tools to learn to progress in a changing environment, with the needed expertise, resources and information, and asks of them to heartily use these “powers” to be of benefit to self and the society. That as young adults, the students are happy and are able to perceive the world through their generous hearts sets them apart. This, I feel reflects the dream of our Founder Pujyashri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachariji. He urged Omega to nurture a generation of balanced youngsters rejoicing in purposeful life activities with thoughtful minds guided by their noble souls and the physical bodies acting to fulfil this resolve.

In order to realize His vision for Omega, we continue to engage as a family of students, parents, staff and Management bound by the ethereal organic glue, appreciating the need to grow out of ourselves as a mature educational institution. As an organization, we recognize our “adolescence” compels us to evolve and build competence, set by the Founder’s vision, pace of growth and ever-changing educational environment.

With the abundant grace of God and Revered Masters, Lalaji Memorial Omega International School has evidenced the gradual evolution in capacity factor. Year by year we have grown, thanks to the exertion of our wonderful family and to the world around us for having recognized and embraced our efforts! As we strive to “Inspire Excellence” in learning various facets of social and values education, we are also bound by the necessities to empower the future generation, essentially through literacy, numeracy and science, to gradually enhance their life skills to fulfil societal needs. “Let us Endeavour Together” to fulfil this journey! God bless us all!