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DLS Workshop – March 2024


Registrations are now open for the in-person DLS Workshop scheduled on 22-23 March 2024 at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Chennai (India).

Register if you would like to:

  • Improve the reading skills and performance level of children regardless of their learning style.

  • Manage your classroom more effectively.

  • Bring down behavioural issues in children.

  • Reach children with hidden learning disabilities before they fall behind.

  • Use research-based methods that are flexible and easily fit into and enhance any existing curriculum.

  • Avail the opportunity to attend free mentoring sessions for one year and practical training in the implementation of Davis Learning Strategies in Indigo Heartful Kids (inclusive branch of Lalaji Memeorial Omega Int. School)

Our interactive workshop is for Principals, Junior School Teachers, Teacher Aides, SENCOs, private tutors, and Parents. It provides unique and innovative strategies for improving attention span, reading, comprehension, overall academic performance, and classroom management.

  • A set of learning strategies promoting self-regulating behaviours.

  • Visual-kinaesthetic approaches matching children’s developmental levels.

  • Strategies that cater to the needs of all learners within a classroom.

  • Strategies that complement any curriculum already in place.

  • Multiple Intelligence Methods of learning for students.

  • Detailed instructions appropriate for Response to Intervention (RTI) needs


Workshop Instruction:

  • Theory-supporting strategies and instruction with related research

  • Video vignettes of implementing strategies

  • Supervised experiential practice of strategies with follow-up discussion

Workshop Kit Provided:

  • Workshop manual detailing all strategies and steps for implementation including 3 years’ lesson plan.

  • Supplies: Alphabet strip, Letter recognition cards, Stop Signs in Reading chart (laminated), Energy Dial laminated card, 5 packets of clay, 2 mustard bean bags for focusing activity, clay cutter, note pad, and pen.

*Tea/Coffee, snacks, and vegetarian lunch will be provided to all the participants on both days of the workshop.

For More Information & Registration Contact:

+91 7395929991/ 9282189428

+91 9940022145

Seats are limited. Registration will be approved on a first come first serve basis.