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P. Muthiah

Principal - Senior School

“Ambition is for acquisition; Aspiration is for excellence. We will not fuel our children here with ambition; we will fuel them with aspiration.” Chariji Maharaj.

Upon my graduation from School of Historical Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University and subsequent completion of M.Phil. in 1992, I began my career as a Trained Graduate Teacher in Delhi Public School as a teacher of Social Science. This was the beginning of an enriching journey that I hope to continue for many years to come. The very experience of inculcating a sense of pride, tolerance and appreciation for the multi-cultural society of India in the young learners is something I cherish. A specialised training in Innovative Teaching Methodology and Evaluation Techniques by The Education Management Centre, Delhi Public School Society, gave me an opportunity to further enhance my skills, to help me serve as Vice Principal at Srimathi Sundaravalli Memorial School and at Velammal Vidyalaya, Chennai.

When I joined Lalaji Memorial Omega International School in 2010, I found Education here is unique; where we the teachers, train the learners to manifest the inner-knowledge that each and every child is naturally endowed with. I had a remarkable experience when I coordinated for the ambitious International School Award (ISA), which served as a good platform to expose the young learners to International culture. Over thousand students and more than fifty teachers had taken active part to gather evidences of all the learning activities in a dossier, which ultimately won this prestigious award for the school (2012 -2015). This exercise, combined with a visit to the Public Gallery of Lok Sabha in the Parliament of India with the students of Humanities, to understand how the Indian Legislature works, has enlightened me that the passion and enthusiasm of students can move mountains.

Real Education is Man making. I believe that Men made in Omega should be morally sound, socially cultured, emotionally well balanced, spiritually inclined and also possess humane qualities such as sympathy, a spirit of sharing, willingness to treat others with dignity and respect. Students in Omega should enrich their knowledge not only to be the skillful citizens of future, but also apply the knowledge and skills for the betterment of Mankind. Omega stimulates every learner to be different, to achieve the remarkable and the extraordinary. We have been offering loving guidance and we will continue to do so; not only to make our students excel in their education but also to excel in their lives.

Sujatha Kumar

Principal - Junior School

Intellect divorced from moral values creates all kinds of havoc in the world” Founder Shri. Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari.

With His guidance and blessings, knowledge is experienced through values. We strive to inspire excellence in all endeavours and deliver unto the world balanced and equipoised individuals, who are humble, grounded in attitude, show exemplary behaviour in public and are successful in career and service.

I am privileged and proud to be a faculty of this institution since 2009, and contribute to the progress and prosperity of its children.

As Vice Principal of Junior School, I render my support and guidance to the teachers, in their career and professional development. I aspire to provide the teachers and students a wonderful learning accretion and an excellent ambience, to upgrade their spiritual and academic pursuits.

In Omega, learning is through experiential means and is facilitated through lab visits, nature walks and out-bound trips. I believe that real education lies beyond text books and class-room teaching. Teachers and support staff work in unison, to educate the students on values such as discipline, moral ethics and social behaviour through various schemes like leadership training, food wastage management, paper recycling, etc.

My vision towards teaching and management is to accomplish success through an optimistic approach and adapting to the ever-changing world. I look forward to teaching the bright young minds and being taught by them for many years to come.