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SLCD is a student leadership conference with students working together across cultures to be part of the solution for having peace, security, and sustainable development in our ever-changing world.  The Student Leadership Conference on Development is in its 9th year. Created in 2010, to support the Millennium Development Goals, the conference brings student leaders together from around the world to tackle the real and pressing development issues facing our world today.

The UN SLCD assists students to:

  • Use different modes of communication such as verbal, written, text, email, face-to-face and social media.

  • Become innovative problem solvers, investigate real world problems, develop creative solutions, use different mediums to showcase knowledge and understanding, use variety of idea creation and techniques, view failure as learning opportunity and seek out environments to build upon success and creativity.

  • Work in groups in large and small settings, able to measure success on team results as well as individual results, able to resume shared responsibility, team building, delegation of tasks, value and respect one another, exercise flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making compromises to accomplish a goal.

  • Analyse complex topics, reason and evaluate, engage in project based self directed and applied learning, reflect on learning, explore alternatives, make decisions, make relevant connections and establish safe learning environment.

This video will provide additional information about the UN SLCD:

To watch the students in action, you may view the video as highlighted below:

The conference in 2018 was on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), using support resources from the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, NGOs, and other credible sources.

Students researched on the following subtopics:  Climate Change and scientific solutions, Climate Change Education and Climate Change and Migration. They then come up with a Plan of Action which was discussed and debated upon by participants from all over the world through a day long Video Conference held at the United Nations on 19th of Feb 2018 and will be adopted after formal approval by all the participating schools for implementation.

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