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Omega International School has been established for the purpose of teaching children, not only what they need to succeed in the real world by way of practical skills,but also to teach them the values that they need to cherish and uphold all their lives. This was essential, in our founder Shri P. Rajagopalachari's opinion, if children are to have the wisdom to deal with the world with a sense of balance. Shri P. Rajagopalachari has always felt that knowledge must be accompanied by the wisdom to use that knowledge in the right way. Without this balance, the knowledge can often be destructive, both to the author, and to those for whose 'benefit' it is being used.

Omega International School strives to bring about this sense of balance in its students, to help them apply what they learn with humility and wisdom, so that the end result will be harmonious and productive. Children are taught, through classroom teaching and other innovative methods, to become responsible citizens for the world of tomorrow.To this end, the school espouses a Value Based Spiritual Education Program (VBSE), that endeavours to teach children the values that they need, so that they go into the world as balanced and excellent individuals.

Over the last eight years, the school has grown from it's small beginnings to almost 4,000 students.

  • This growth has not been compromised in any way, since class size is still rigorously maintained at 33, and the quality of teaching is constantly being improved. The school has a student teacher ratio of less than 20.
  • The school is unique in that all teachers and other staff are required to take and pass an English language competency exam administered by Cambridge University, under the aegis of the British Council. This benchmarking is also being extended to students in class III and class VI from the coming year.
  • The school also augments classroom teaching through programs such as XSeed, Edusports, Educomp, etc.
  • The school is also constantly adding infrastructure and facilities to make it a truly excellent learning environment.
  • This year, Special Education will get attention through the addition of the Davis Method of helping children with learning disabilities, and the establishment of a department for the purpose.
  • The school will also train children in the life skills that they need to survive in the outside world, starting this year.
  • The school continues to look for new and innovative ways to guide the children towards their goal.