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Like branches of a tree our branches may grow, but our roots remain as one

Lalaji Memorial Omega International School is proud of its students who have spread their wings far and wide. The success of any institution is measured by the success of its alumni, and their contribution to nation at large, and also to their alma mater.

OISAA, the alumni arm of Omega International School is established to achieve the following objectives:

  • To promote and encourage a continuing interest and loyalty amongst alumni to their alma mater.

  • To bring together and create a coordinated programme for alumni chapters.

  • To effectively employ the talents, energies, and contributions of alumni to constructive ends for Omega International School and OISAA.

  • To nurture the cultural, artistic, and diverse talents of its members and to foster a sense of community.

  • To arrange and conduct meetings of the alumni.

  • To publish material relating to the achievements of alumni.

  • To provide alumni members opportunities to enhance their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

  • To undertake humanitarian outreach initiatives for the betterment of neighbouring communities and school stakeholders.

  • To conduct appropriate activities to accomplish the above objectives and purposes.