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Creazione – The Virtual Talent Expo

Creazione - The Virtual Talent Expo

Event Details

Shuffle to Our Tunes

  • Topic: Foot Shuffle Dance Competition (Dance)

All the participants are required to create different foot shuffle dance step variations to the selected tunes  and send it as an entry for the challenge

Rules and Regulations

  • The video must be an unedited entry, without manipulation or tampering that is of good quality for evaluation by judges.

  • Videos with immodest outfit or dance moves if any shall not be considered as a valid entry for the contest

  • The timing of the tune will extend upto 1 minute

  • Ll videos must be taken with a neat backdrop and full view of of self is mandatory

General Guidelines

  • Once registration is completed, you will receive the music file as an .mp3 through the e-mail IDs that have been submitted. Please download the file on your phone.

  • We request you to visit Google play store on your mobile phone/tab, and download the app -“MX Player”

  • Now, proceed to MX player and in the ‘downloads’ section open the audio file sent by us.

  • Simultaneously, proceed to camera whilst the audio is playing , and record the video.

  • The video, unadulterated, must be sent to the following e-mail ID: (insert email id) to be considered an entry

Judgement Criteria

  • Rhythm Sense

  • Innovation in Steps

  • Flexibility & Adaptability

  • Neatness of Attire

  • Body Language

  • Attitude

Call of the Tunes

  • Topic: Karaoke Singing

Explore, nurture, showcase and bring out the best of music from within through karaoke singing. Sing your heart out!

Rules and Regulations

  • Students must select a song of their liking, which they wish to sing.

  • They must then sing and record the song with the karaoke of the song

  • They must then mail this recording in the form of an .mp3 to (insert gmail)

General Guidelines

  • The songs selected can only be in the languages- hindi, tamil and English

  • The lyrics of these songs must not contain any vulgar words or or any inappropriate language

  • The recording should be mailed without being subject to any editing or tampering.

Judgement Criteria

  • Pitch Stability

  • Rhythm Adaptability

  • Vocal Dynamics

  • Vocal Expressions

Show Stoppers

  • Topic: Imagine and Articulate Neighbour to Neighbour Interaction

The suggested theatrical activities are: Monologue or Stand Up Comedy or Mime

Rules and Regulations

  • All participants are required to share their script with SriDevi Ma’am for approval before their performance to her email (insert email)

  • Students must send their final copy of their performance video to this gmail account

General Guidelines

  • Students may use any recording applications or a recording of a Zoom meeting of their performance.

  • The monologue and stand up comedy can be for a maximum duration of 2 minutes

  • The mime can be for a maximum duration of 4 minutes

  • Any required editing will have to be done by the participant before submission

  • Sound effects and background music is permitted (No movie music is permitted)

  • They must then mail this recording in the form of an .mp4 to (insert gmail)

Judgement Criteria

  • Selection of topic/theme

  • Connection to prior knowledge

  • Innovative ideas

  • Usage of resources

  • Organizational structure

  • Presentation

  • Attractiveness

  • Originality

The Council

Rules and Regulations

  • The topic for the council session will be announced after registration.

  • Council Members are free to collaborate with one another in preparation for the session.

  • There will be no former winner, but the ‘Overseer’, or the judge, will vote along with the Members for the side they deem more convincing.

  • The participants will receive a google meet link one day prior to the session to their registered email ids

  • There will be a pre-session to clarify any doubts the participants may have regarding procedure during the Council Session

General Guidelines

  • The Council is a derivation of an actual jury situation

  • The Council Members will be presented with “cases”, and each Member will explore the moral, ethical, political, legal and economic entailments of the given “case”.

  • They will then present their viewpoints during the Case Session. The Members will then break into “For” and “Against” groups and further discuss with other Members. Finally, there will be further debate with speakers from each side trying to persuade the other.

  • At the end of the Case Session, the Members will vote For or Against the “case”. Once the vote is decided, the Council will move on to the next “case”.

Judgement Criteria

  • NIL

World Building

  • Topic: Creation of a universe

World building essentially means constructing a fantasy universe of one’s own, much like the lore and myth created by writers like Anandh Neelkanth, Amish Tripathi, George RR Martin or JRR Tolkien. Students must think up their own creations, from elven hunters to fiery dragons, and place them in a story of their own construction.

Rules and Regulations

  • Participants may participate individually or in teams of upto 4

  • The participants’ creation may be submitted as a presentation, a written manuscript, or any other medium they feel would be able to effectively convey their ideas to this email id (insert mail id)

General Guidelines

  • Participants will be sent an email with a form to fill out on whether they will be participating in a team, and if so the team’s details.

  • Participants may first register directly in the registration form. There will also be a preliminary session conducted to aid the participants in understanding the intricacies of ‘World Building’ and to clear any doubts.

  • All session details and google meet links will be sent via email after registration.

Judgement Criteria

  • Creativity

  • Extensivity

  • Relatability and quality of their constructed lore

  • The languages which exist in their world

  • The topography of their world

  • The demographics of their world’s population

General Rules and Guidelines

  • Each student is allowed to participate in a maximum of two events

  • Students are requested to include their Name, Class & Section and Stream while submitting their files

  • Adhere to the given time duration/topic/genre for the events

  • Decent costume, appropriate makeup and clear backdrop is mandatory

  • Any clarification or doubts can be sent to the respective events mail ids

  • Judges decision will be final. Disparage of the judgement is not encouraged.

  • The deadlines for each event will be shared to your email id after your registration is complete

Award and Appreciation

  • The winning participants will receive an e-certificate of appreciation

  • The video performances of the winners will be posted on social media

  • The names of winning participants will be added to the winners section on the site

  • All participants will receive an e-certificate of participation