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ISA Award 2019

The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for nurturing global citizenship in young people and enriching teaching and learning.
Omega has received the award for the 3rd consecutive term of 2019 – 2022!

The holistic approach of ISA facilitates leadership challenge and fosters team building, innovation and project management. The project started with the preparation of the Action Plan of seven projects, using all subjects through an interdisciplinary approach which motivate teachers to improve teaching standards. Omega’s seven projects were:

  • Around the world in 40 days

  • Where do they belong?

  • Acoustic Aura

  • A trip Through Ethnomathematics

  • Traditional ExploARTion

  • CHIPping into the wrath of Gods

  • From Soil to Table

Here’s some information on some of the projects undertaken by our students:

The project ‘Where do they belong?’ was intended to explore the life of migrants & refugees of different countries, to research the cause, analyse the effect and devise an action plan to support and help them.
Students had an incredible opportunity to participate in a video conference with Mr. Mohammed Alsaleh, a Syrian refugee in Canada; an inspiring personality and an epitome of hope. An emotional journey for our students that began with the research on the quandary of the refugee crisis and culminated in a heartfelt interaction with Mr. Alsaleh.

The project ‘Acoustic Aura’ enabled students to do an elaborate research and undertake a comparative study on the folk instruments of different countries and the influence of these instruments on their folk dances. Students used the knowledge gained for composing new music and dance numbers. The students of our school collaborated with the students and mentors from China, Russia and Scotland. Omega students received feedback in the form of emails and letters and videos of music composed by the students.

“CHIPping into the wrath of Gods” allowed students across three grades to explore how Information & Communication Technology (ICT) can be used for studying, predicting, saving lives and properties during disasters in various countries.

Students had a wonderful opportunity of hosting a one day program for Youth delegates from various schools and colleges from Sri Lanka. They had a fruitful interaction about governance, culture, attitude of people and government policies, with respect to migration and compared it with the norms in India.

Our students had an opportunity to interact via Skype with Dr. Srinivasulu Rajendran, an Agricultural Economist in Nairobi, Kenya. The topics covered during the discussion were Basic Conceptual Framework of Agriculture – Stages and sub-sectors of agriculture, Staple Crops – Case study – Sweet potato in South Africa, Carrier Prospects – Agriculture as Agri- Business.

The various projects opened up windows to other countries and cultures, giving teachers and students a fresh new outlook about the world we live in. It helped our students with skills for life and work in a global economy, opening their eyes to new opportunities. ISA gave us an opportunity to revise our international policy, disseminate learning to others in the local community and collaborate with partner schools.

With the considerable work done through these projects, Lalaji Memorial Omega International School has been conferred with the International School Award by the British Council and are honoured with:

  • An International School Award trophy

  • Certificates for the school, Principal, ISA Coordinator and up to 10 members from the Omega ISA Team

  • A customised kite mark to use as a badge of honor on all school collaterals, for three years

  • Invitation to attend the annual British Council School ISA ceremony and associated seminars and workshops.

The Omega family is absolutely thrilled to be recognized with this award!