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Priti Venkatesan

Special Education Head

I have always believed that every human being is a store-house of unlimited potential. But, this potential surfaces only when a nurturing learning environment is provided to him. In our formative years we need love, proper guidance and support to build a holistic identity. Limited or distorted identities often make us live and pursue dreams that are not our own.

I grew up in the beautiful valley of Guwahati and learnt valuable lessons of life from nature. After my graduation I joined Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati. In DDK, the exposure to a wide variety of cultural events and individuals from different walks of life broadened my outlook. In 1995 after completing my professional degree in Law and ACS I joined the corporate sector. By the year 2000 I felt that something was missing in my life. On introspection my love for children resurfaced. While working in the corporate sector I managed to complete my training in “Early Childhood Education”. In 2009 I joined LMOIS as a Kindergarten teacher. In 2011 I moved from Kindergarten to the CBSE Junior school. In the junior school I noticed many children who were otherwise very bright and smart but performed poorly in academics. My heart went out to these kids and I decided to become a Special Educator. In 2012 I got trained by Madras Dyslexia Association in Special Needs and joined the Special Education Department. In 2014 with the support of the school management I got licensed as a Davis® Facilitator and was promoted to the position of HoD Special Education. After this a number of trainings and certifications followed but the learning that I have been receiving from children every day has proved to be my most valuable possession. The lessons that I value the most are unconditional love, acceptance and ability to create happiness within oneself.

Inspired and Guided by our Guru Babuji Maharaj of Sahaj Marg “Indigo Section” was set up for children with differential learning needs in 2014. Indigo Section in LMOIS accepts children in totality. We believe that every child can learn if a loving, nurturing learning environment is provided to him.

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