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Preparing the body and mind for learning

The Indigo Section in LMOIS not only helps in the effective inclusion of students with special needs but also supports them in optimizing their potential to eventually become independent learners with a holistic personality. Apart from other multiple intelligence methods of teaching Davis®Learning Strategies (DLS) forms an integral part of Indigo pedagogy.

The Davis Learning Strategies® were developed in the 1980’s, by Ron Davis (author of The Gift of Dyslexia and Gift of Learning) and Sharon Pfeiffer (Educationist). These strategies follow a whole classroom, inclusive approach and can be combined easily with the existing curriculum. Children are systematically trained to understand and use the Davis® focusing tools to prepare their mind and body for learning. The focusing tools include Release (breathing exercise to calm the body and mind), Focus (to be present in mind and body at the same time) and Energy Dial (to regulate the body’s energy level to suit the task at hand). This is a balanced approach that supports emotional, social, cognitive growth including language development in all the children.

Research in this field has proved that Davis Learning Strategies help the teacher to:

  • Reach all students regardless of their learning style.

  • Build sight vocabulary, comprehension, and other reading skills.

  • Meet early intervention needs for at-risk students.

  • Identify and address visual processing issues in students

  • Support the students with Special Needs in academic progress and better socializing skills.

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We ensure that our pedagogy provides the students positive experiences associated with learning. The Indigo students master each concept with its three parts- the word (symbolic representation), it’s meaning (as he/she understands it) in the form of a three-dimensional clay model and its correct pronunciation. This not only helps in encoding learning through muscle memory and experience (visual recall from picture in mind) but also helps the teacher in establishing the accuracy of perception in every student individually.

Supporting identification of core personal identity:
Lesson plans are designed in different subjects to help the students consciously draw a connection between their body and its environment. The content taught in different subjects is directly made to align with one or more of the eight important life concepts namely: I (Self), Symbiotic Relationships, Change, Sequence, Consequence, Time, Order & Disorder, Cause & Effect. Content analysis of the learning experiences of students and their facilitators are used to design child centric academic plans.

Our Approach creates HAPPY LEARNERS

  • Individualized: Child centric techniques.

  • Strength-Based: IEP based on the inherent learning strengths and abilities of the learner, and provided in a way compatible with the person’s preferred learning style.

  • Mental Skills Training: Brain gym exercises and instruction in basic Davis tools for mental and perceptual focus, stress reduction, and self-regulation of energy levels.

  • Creative Learning Strategies: Specific learning techniques targeted to the areas of difficulty identified in a student. Multiple Intelligence Methods of Learning.

  • Meaning Based: Mastery of concepts

  • Self-Empowering: WE help the students discover their true potential and identify the real cause of their learning difficulties. The students are equipped with simple tools and strategies that could be independently used to correct the difficulties. The students are motivated to develop a Growth Mind-set and become independent learners.

Our Pedagogy aims at:

  • Establishing Accuracy of Perception

  • Learning though Experiential Discovery (Experience- Wisdom – Understanding)

  • Learning through Creativity (Clay modeling, drama, art & craft, music & dance)

  • Multiple Intelligence Methods of Learning (Connecting with nature)

  • Mastery over Memorization

  • Meet Early Intervention Needs

  • Create Confident Independent Learners

Highlights of Indigo Pedagogy

Establishing Accuracy of Perception

Learning though Experiential Discovery (Experience - Wisdom – Understanding)

Learning through Creativity (Clay modeling, drama, art & craft, music & dance)