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Ms Preetha George

Montessori Headmistress

Hello and welcome to Omega’s Kindergarten Unit!

My journey as KG facilitator has been most cherished, filled not only with adorable memories with kindergarteners but also with numerous instances that carry humour and thought-provoking situations. Many a times I have wondered how little minds could perceive certain facts or handle situations; but to my surprise, they have exceeded my thinking and expectations! They have proved to be little scholars par excellence!

Persistent observation on children’s behaviour pattern has made me realise that their world is filled with wonder, excitement and curiosity. There is no limit to nurturing them and moulding them to develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. This aspect has been my key focus as a Pre-primary head, to provide endless opportunities for tiny tots to explore and experiment.

I am inspired with Omega’s motto ‘ Let’s endeavour together’ and I feel blessed to be a part of this large family. As I take over the baton as KG Headmistress, it is my responsibility to translate and share my knowledge and vivid experiences to the larger community here who are anxiously looking forward to see their buds blossom into beautiful flowers.

Inculcating the right values and providing the right experience in a graded manner, yet retaining the innocence of their childhood is indeed a difficult task; but can be attained through careful and thoughtful planning. We need to encompass caring and education, creative learning and self-confidence in an environment designed specifically for these little ones. I can say that over the years I have made an effort, and have been successful in doing so, to a great extent. Having always been passionate about teaching little kids, it has been my desire to mould and shape their lives into beautiful vessels, so that they grow up and sow seeds of blessings wherever they are planted. 

Creating a ‘home away from home’ is what we would be focusing on with the newly introduced Montessori stream in the KG level. Freedom of choice of preferred activities in a Montessori environment by the child will be the icing on the cake hence forth, and the wide range of experiences offered on a platter will in turn reflect on every child blooming into a matured independent individual. The significance of imparting quality education is of prime importance to us and hence my team of facilitators would be guided and trained to passionately work with every child to experiment and master what he or she is expected to do in the three years of journeying with us.

Pre-school years are the important years of a child’s life. Children reach milestones that impact their future learning. We as parents and teachers are responsible in laying the foundation for their success, both academically and personally throughout life. Let us always remember every child is unique, limitless and ready to shine!

I am excited and look forward to working with you as a team to help each little child have an identity and a successful school year!