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Ms Kalaivani Suresh

KG Headmistress

I began my sail as a Kindergarten teacher with all love and passion for teaching the tiny tots. It has been 32 years since I set my sail and still onboard as the Headmistress and wish to keep my journey on, in this vast KG Ocean.

My key area of specialization is Pre- Primary Education. I continue to impart valuable inputs to make learning meaningful and enjoyable, ever since I stepped in as a teacher. I am indeed proud to say, I have transformed hundreds of graduate Women to trained teachers.

I have to my credit, various awards notably the “Best Teacher” award for sincere service in the field of education by Southern CBSE cluster schools. My training as Bunny Leader came handy, when I had to take up a new role as Group Leader of “The Bharat Scouts & Guides” in this esteemed organisation.

I consistently maintain excellent relations with students, parents, faculty and administrators. I have designed robust processes that help my teachers have a happy work-life balance. I strongly believe in being self–motivated, with strong planning, organisational and leadership skills, thereby guiding my teachers climb up the ladder, by honing their teaching and leadership skills.
To maintain my work-life balance, I de-stress by dressing impeccably each day as it is my opinion that when you dress good, you feel good. I follow a spiritual path which helps me stay focussed, maintain balance and keep a clear mind.

“Education to inspire Excellence” is a prime objective of Omega, to brighten the future prospects of our children providing access to quality education. So let us provide opportunities for children to explore, experiment, discover, ask questions, draw conclusions, make connections and express ideas and feelings with the help of trained and supportive adults.

Innovations in curriculum/ pedagogy to equip our children with the 21st century skills are a continuous process. All that a child needs are to grow up in a setting that values them, that provides conditions for a safe and secure environment that respects diversity.
I count my blessings for getting opportunities to contribute to the early years, the most critical years which shape the human life ahead, and hopes that more young people take it as their profession

The goals of quality early childhood programme can be achieved only if we are focused and work in unison towards attaining it.