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UN SLCD 2019

The United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development is a student conference, created to support the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.  It has been designed to pave way for students from across cultures and countries to work together and be part of the solution for having peace, security, and sustainable development in our ever-changing world.  Participants work through the year to understand problems and come together to present possible solutions.

Students of Lalaji Memorial Omega International School participated in the 10th edition of the United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development (UN SLCD) held on 18th February 2019.  The team of student delegates from Omega hosted students from Pupil Saveetha Eco School, Chennai Public School, St Francis School and Sri Shankar Higher Sec. School, and in total were a 52 member contingent representing the region of India. Students from USA, Philippines, Georgia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and India interacted via a videoconference at the headquarters of the United Nations at New York.

This year, students worked together on the topic “Ensuring Available and Sustainable Water and Sanitation for All”, using support resources from the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, NGOs, and other credible sources. Students researched on the following subtopics(a) Water and Sanitation Resource Management and Innovation (b) Water and Sanitation Infrastructure and (c) Water Pollution.
Based on their understanding, students drew up a Plan of Action which was discussed and debated upon thoroughly by all participants. The students subsequently cast their vote for the Plan of Action in order to proceed towards implementation.

Photos from the event