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Tournament of Champions, World Scholars Cup 2018

The Tournament of Champions at The World Scholars Cup has concluded and we are euphoric to share our students’ results and their experiences at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut! The event was held from 16th to 21st Nov 2018 and saw participation from 2700 scholars from over 50 countries. Scholars wore their competitive hats to excel at the challenging events – Collaborative Writing, Scholars Bowl and Team Debate apart from having their dose of fun at the Yale University campus in specially designed events like the Scavenge Hunt, Scholars Cultural Fair and Scholars Show at the Shubert Theatre.

The number of individual medals bagged by Omega students and the trophies won as a team stand testimony to their brilliance at every event!

Senior team: (Gowri, Devapriya and Siddharth)

  • 3rd best team in South Asia

  • Runner up Team in Collaborative writing and

  • 5th rank in Team Debate

Their stack of medals individually is equally impressive!

  • Gowri – 10 Gold and 1 Silver medal
    28th Rank in Champion Scholar category.

  • Devapriya – 5 Gold and 1 Silver medal
    8th best in Collaborative writing and
    12th best in Debating.

  • Siddarth – 8 Gold and 2 Silver medals

Junior team: (Ramya, Keshini, Tharra, Sangeetha and Pranav)

  • Ramya – 5 Gold and 6 Silver medals

  • Keshini – 2 Gold and 4 Silver medals

  • Tharra – 4 Gold and 3 Silver medals

  • Sangeetha – 3 Gold and 3 Silver medals

  • Pranav – 8 Gold and 3 Silver medals.

Bravo students, this is an epic victory! Congratulations to all the students and teachers involved!