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Rotary’s Interact Club ‘Chandrodaya’

The Interact Club helps students of Omega imbibe leadership qualities and help them to identify, understand, examine, relate and solve social, economic and environmental issues. Through this objective, Chandrodraya :

  • brings the student community together

  • creates awareness and responsibility

  • motivates students to work as a team and serve to make the society better.


“We Omegaites aim to connect with the society, through care, timely and appropriate constructive support to help fellow kind to live with dignity and realize it through sustainability by joining hands with the like minded.”

Members of Chandrodaya are all students of Grades VIII to XII from across all streams. Chandrodaya is set to become the largest Interact Club in the world by enrolling over 1000 Omega students.


Chandrodaya, The Moon Rise

Our Club is named so in remembrance of the Ram Chandra Mission.
The word CHANDRA was derived from it and DAYA refers to Care, Concern and Help. The twin shore temple towers of ancient Pallava dynasty makes the background. The Pallavas were the revivers and the custodian of arts, architecture, welfare and trade.
Thus, the name CHANDRODAYA evolved for Omega’s Interact Club.

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram---To-upload

Introduction video for Ryla Remasterd

Cultural Video

Election to appoint the Office bearers of Chandrodaya for the academic year.


Debate and discuss social, economic and environmental topics of significance.


Educate the public at large on a topic of significance.