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The Student Consumer Club facilitates the need for creating consumer awareness among students.  The club activities will be guided by the Consumer Association of India (CAI) for conducting workshops and awareness programs about Consumer Responsibilities & Rights, Food Safety (Food Adulteration, Food Nutrition, Food Preservatives, and Food Contamination), Hospitals and Patients Rights, Transport, Insurance, Consumer Durables, Digital Technologies and Consumer Protection Act.

The Student Consumer Club :

  • Empowers students with knowledge and awareness in consumer related issues

  • Prepares the student to face the world with confidence backed by knowledge

  • Create awareness about consumer laws and equip the students with life skills enabling them to lead better lives

  • Enables them to become aware of their duties as a consumer making them better citizens

  • The student consumer club aims at in creating educated and informed consumers of the future.

Expert sessions conducted by representatives from the Consumer Association of India (CAI).

Student Consumer Club

Sessions to propagate Consumer Rights to the student community at large.

Student Consumer Club