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The Department of Humanities’ Zenith Club aims to nurture and mould the personality of students while providing myriad experiences through numerous events during the academic year. Activities related to the stream of Humanities form the corner stone of the Zenith Club that are undertaken by students from Classes III to XII.

The Zenith Club has the following objectives:

  • To share knowledge and information about social sector and facilitate active participation of students

  • To promote and preserve the sense of pride in the cultural heritage of India

  • To enrich creativity and enhance thinking skills of students

  • To create an environment of experiential learning

  • To inculcate a sense of healthy competition among students

  • To stimulate involvement and initiative towards new concepts in the learning process

  • To hone the reasoning ability and judgement skills of students

  • To encourage the students to have a far-reaching vision

  • To provide the scope of self-learning.


“As a part of experiential learning, art-integrated education was embedded in classroom transactions. The ‘Learning by Doing’ approach was followed in our social lesson “Play Time” gave space for the students to develop 21st century learning skills and articulate a deeper understanding of the concepts taught in the classroom.

Students of Grade 4 demonstrated “THE GAME I LIKE THE MOST” based on the lesson on Sports and Games through a presentation.

It is a comprehensive video demonstration categorised as Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Traditional Games, Water sports and Athletics in which the following objectives of the lessons were spotlighted:
– Indoor and Outdoor games
– History and Origin of the games
– Sports equipment
– Importance of rules
– Achievers and their Achievement
– Health Benefits

Few of the students featured in the video have demonstrated their sporting skills that they are learning professionally”

International Day of Disabled Persons

Interclass events and competitions to create awareness.

Interclass events and competitions to create awareness.

Celebration of important events and occasions

Celebration of important events and occasions
Celebration of important events and occasions

Consumer Awareness activities

Consumer Awareness activities